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American Yahoo wait for a good price to sell

05/01/2012 22:00 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

American Yahoo wait for a good price to sell

Integratedlouis vuitton outlets dispatches from foreign news agency reports, on December 7, searching the American Yahoo company that buys the home to receive buy with all possible means should make an appointment with, these also should be about in Yahoo consideration limits, in the meantime, yahoo also buys the price in the choice more expensive program. Include group of silver-colored lake capital, TPG Capital, Microsoft, news at present (News Corporation), the investor plan such as Alibaba and soft silver is Yahoo consideration. The personage insidelouis vuitton outlets stores course of study expresses, at present Yahoo sells incident still will have very long negotiation period, yahoo also did not arrive must offer the degree that will rescue oneself, in the meantime, yahoo also expects taller buyer quotes.

Industry Xie Wen of senior news analyst thinks, yahoo has not arrived at present blame sell cannot when, and Yahoo can choose to buy the home very much also, yahoo hopes to buy the home to give higher price, but at present buyer is bought to costly case do not agree tardy again.

Media coverage says, alibaba hopes to counter-purchase Yahoo hold with the price under 13 billion dollar 40% share of Alibaba, but Yahoolouis vuitton outlets store online is dissatisfactory to this quote.

Analytic personage thinks, the Alibaba before this puts forward to Yahoo is Yahoo sells share before counter-purchasing, additionally one kind is to buy Yahoo Asia property directly, if do not succeed, to Alibaba the influence still cannot be evaluated, at the same time Yahoo board of directors gives higher price to buyer, also be to having oneself to consider.

To Yahoo, do not undertake any trading that also put in the risk to its oneself. Radical investorlouis vuitton outlets online Dan Lebu (Dan Loeb) has asked to reorganization Yahoo board of directors. Personage of know the inside story says, other shareholder tells Yahoo authentic louis vuitton outlets finance affairs to adviser says, reach what value is not worth to trade with its, they aux would rather do not undertake any trading.

As once Internet tycoon, yahoo in last few years all the time suffer from increases battalion to close in intense competition. Although average visitlouis vuitton 2012 of every months measures Yahoo website, reach 700 million person, but they think up better method very hard these users group changeover becomes income.

Personage of know the inside story says, yahoo still is in evaluate involve sell trading two paces louis vuitton outlet take plan. Above all, they and minority equity are bought just reach trade, sell its Asia asset again next. Nevertheless Asian asset buys square Alibaba and soft silver to hope tolouis vuitton wallets buy more potentially what Yahoo board of directors holds some Asian asset share now.

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